FresnoWakeboarding.com is dedicated to promoting wakeboarding in Fresno and its surrounding cities. The site is a collaborative effort consisting of pro/semi-pro riders, along with local riders, to contribute some relevant and valuable content to the website. Content includes product reviews, trick-tips/how-to’s, etc. Pretty much everything most wakeboarding websites have. The benefit of this is that it’s ours (ours being us wakeboarders in the Fresno area).

Our mission is to become the #1 resource for wakeboarders in Fresno and the surrounding area to connect with other riders, find used wakeboard gear online from other riders, and much much more. Pretty much any good idea can be implemented into the site. I want this site to bring all the avid wakeboarders together and introduce wakeboarding to those that are interested but can never find someone to ride with. Also, with enough momentum we may have pull in the community where we could petition the back channel at Millerton being opened to skiing during certain hours during the week. I’d also like for the site to gain enough popularity where I can join with other wakeboard vendors in the community to help put on wakeboarding events there at wolf lakes and demos, such as a rail jam at next years Vans Warped Tour.