Fresno, California has plenty of lakes to choose from when planning to go wakeboarding. Here are a few locations in the Fresno and surrounding area that you may want to check out during the summer.

Manna Wake Cable Park (Closed)

Manna Wake Cable Park

Unfortunately, the park is now closed until further notice. If for some reason it opens back up will keep you posted. Be sure to follow @FresnoWakeboard on Twitter because that’s where we’ll most likely post it first.

California’s first cable park is located in Sanger just outside of Fresno. The park features a Sesitec System 2.0 cable system. This is a perfect place for beginner wakeboarders to learn how to wakeboard. For the more advanced wakeboarders, the park features consist of a couple of rails and a kicker ramp. This is an ideal place to spend your summer days with friends. There are lots of pros that enjoy riding cable and since cable parks are rare here in California you have a good chance to spend a day riding with one of your favorite pros.

The cable park is located on Ashlan Ave. between Mc Call and Academy Ave., 7 miles east of Clovis Ave. With gas prices on the rise again this summer this is one alternative to wakeboard without breaking the bank taking the boat out.

Millerton Lake

Millerton Lake is a lake near the town of Friant in Fresno County and Madera County, California, about 15 miles north of downtown Fresno, United States. It is formed by Friant Dam on the San Joaquin River and blah blah blah blah blah.

Millerton is pretty much the de facto lake in Fresno, California.  It’s definitely known for being super choppy, especially on Sundays when all the party people head to the back of the lake and the lake rats are out. Getting there early may make for a decent day, but my experience is to just stay late and get a couple sets in right before sunset.  Better yet, just go during the week.

It’s definitely a convenient location since it’s only about 15 minutes from Fresno. There is typically law enforcement so be sure to be safe and know the rules of the lake. It seems like every hour is amateur hour at the dock on holiday weekends. Those weekends you may want to opt to drive the extra distance to the Madera side and use that ramp, except you’ll miss out on the entertainment of people getting frustrated that their significant other can’t back up a trailer without jack knifing it or the person who pulls out of the water with the boat not all the way on the trailer.

Millerton Lake Brochure | Millerton Lake State Recreation Area

Bass Lake

Bass Lake

From Fresno, take Hwy. 41 North (toward Yosemite). Just 3.5 miles past the town of Oakhurst, turn right at the Bass Lake turnoff (Road 222). Bass Lake is the home of the CIE Spring Ride in which we’re sure to attend!

Bass Lake is surely a good vacation spot and you can probably get in some wakeboarding in the early morning. The lake isn’t that big, so it only takes a couple boats on the water power turning when picking up their wakeboarder to ruin the water.

Pine Flat

Pine Flat Lake

35 miles east of Fresno. Take Belmont east, Belmont becomes Trimmer Springs Road. Lake is approx. 3 miles past the town of Piedra on Trimmer Springs Road. To get to the Park Headquarters and the Pine Flat Dam turn right on Pine Flat Road.

It’s a little bit of a trek to get there from Fresno but well worth it. You’re almost certain to find good water protected from winds. Definitely one of my favorite place to go wakeboarding and camping. On busy days it can get kinda crazy at the ramp, which is really steep. Sometimes you’ll get the person that is trying to back their boat down from the top of the ramp. Here’s a hint: drive all the way down the ramp and turn around right before the water then put your boat in. There is even a marked off turn around point.

Shaver Lake

Wakeboarding at Shaver Lake Take Hwy 168 east from Clovis to Shaver Lake. Continue on Hwy 168 through the community of Shaver Lake to access the lake and SCE Camp Edison. A public boat launching ramp is maintained by Fresno County at the north end of the lake. Camp Edison also has boat launching facilities for its paying customers.

I dunno about you, but personally I’m not a fan of cold water. Considering Shaver Lake is snow melt, I typically will pass on wakeboarding here. It’s definitely a fun place to go for the weekend if you want to make the drive and stay in a cabin or camp.


Hensley Lake is located in Madera County, approx. 20 miles NE of the city of Madera, CA. From Fresno take hwy. 99 North past the city of Madera to Ave 20 1 East. This turns into Ave 21, continue East. Turns into Raymond Rd. (Road 600) go NE approx. 6 miles to Daulton Rd. (Road 603) turn right to the lake.

I like this place because during the week you may be the only one out there, it’s almost like having your own lake.  If there is anyone there it’s typically just to fish and not to wakeboard. Along one of its edges is sheltered from any wind and keeps the water smooth. If you’re new to wakeboarding, or driving and launching a boat, this is a great place to get some practice in before heading to the larger lakes on the weekends when you have a line of people waiting for you.


Redinger Lake

This semi-secret exclusive spot is tucked away where most don’t venture. It’s a long drive on a road that hasn’t been maintained since who knows when. You almost wonder if you are really going to end up at a lake or just a dead end where you won’t be able to turn around with the trailer.

Like Shaver Lake, it’s too cold for my blood. As a wakeboarder, its remote location makes me a little nervous about getting injured. Typically there are only a few boats out on the water at a time so you can always count on great smooth water. I’d probably stick to some other local spots before venturing all the way out there to wakeboard. Not the ideal location for a day trip.